About me

My name is Martin. I'm a web developer and designer, data analyst, writer and bilingual content locator.

I am a native of Salto, Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently reside in Rosario, Santa Fe, where I am studying a Bachelor's Degree in Design at Universidad Católica Argentina.

A bit of my world

I practice running and my favorite sports are motor racing, American football and rugby.

But without a doubt, my main grounding cable is music. With it I fly, I get inspired, I oxygenate myself and I connect with the exterior and the interior.

It's not of much relevance to my portfolio, but I also play guitar. Or at least I make noise with it.

Why I am dedicated to offering online services

I had my first PC at home at the age of four. I didn't know it then, but even before I had access to the internet, my computer would become a window to the world until today.

I am one of the many who see Internet as an omnidirectional bridge. Perhaps the most important one that we modern human beings have to cross borders, shrink distances and enlarge our notions about the world, transcending the limits of what we know every day. Connections not only of fiber optics and wifi, but also of flesh and blood, even if it is through a video call.

The key, beyond the act of providing a service to those who trust in my work, lies in the unalterable passion of meeting new people, connecting with them, providing value, warmth, flexibility and companionship, developing growth links with the web as a necessary and fundamental tool.

I see in every project I am part of the possibility of accessing completely unique and different experiences, with challenges according to the particular circumstances of each person, but always focused on the human being in front of me.

At the end of the day, there is no greater satisfaction than receiving gratitude and affection from those who trust in what I do, especially through enormous distances, being part of their initiatives, projects and dreams, and growing with them. That is the main reason why I keep betting on this endeavor.

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